About Us


Wrapit provide a unique Heat Shrink / Shrink Wrap / Weatherproof Encapsulation / Dustproofing / Temporary Boat Protection / Temporary Spray Booths and Scaffolding Shrink Wrapping service to principle contractors, local authorities and private individuals throughout the UK.

Our business has grown rapidly by introducing our clients to the immediate advantages gained from safely installing Shrink Wrapping and Dustproofing for numerous applications from plant to transportation shrink wrapping pre-fabricated modules.

Unlike other UK based shrink-wrap installers, our teams do not clamber up and over your temporary roof / scaffolding structures without suitable edge protection / working platforms designed and implemented prior to installation.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth risk assessment and method statement procedures (RAMS supplied for all contracts), ensuring our operatives are never at risk from 'falls from height'.

Try our new 'all inclusive' package - you won't look back:

  • We produce the scaffolding design scheme ('Scaffold Design Consultants' are one of the leading UK scaffold design companies) - Less hassle for you!
  • We source the appropriate scaffolding contractor - as 'SDC' have over 600 regular scaffolding-contractor clients across the UK, it's a simple task for us to select a reliable company - Less hassle for you!
  • We supervise the scaffolding installation, ensuring all key components are fixed in place ready for the shrink-wrapping process - avoiding any delays when the shrink-wrap team arrive on site.
  • We supply and install the shrink-wrapping - Job done!

'All inclusive' - Design / Scaffolding / Shrink-Wrapping - Job done!